Great for the people that can happily commit to one thing for long periods of time and already have some wall space available.

Frame your prints | Written by Brittany | Hand Lettered Foil Prints


Framing your prints is one of the most common ways to style them, and also one of the best ways to keep your prints protected and in great condition. Framed prints look great on their own on an empty wall, on your desk or bedside table, at the head of your bed, or styled as a gallery wall. I love pairing my prints with beautiful black and white photography, but how you style them, is entirely up to you!

In addition to the way you arrange your frames, you also have different options in how to frame your prints, in terms of frame colour and frame size. I love using simple black and white frames for a minimalistic look to let the prints shine.

When choosing your frame size, you have two options:

  1. Take your prints right to the edge of the frame
  2. Use the white cardboard insert to frame your print within the frame

Keep it interesting by taking some prints to the full size of the frame, and leave some with the cardboard insert. By mixing it up you can give your gallery wall some visual depth and uniqueness.

Have you just purchased a new print, and want to know exactly what frame sizes I recommend for my prints? Check out my blog post on finding the perfect frame for your print.


Great for people that can’t decide on their favourite prints and love to get a little DIY crafty.

Use a grid board | Written by Brittany | Hand Lettered Foil prints

The grid board is one of the most on trend ways to display your prints. I’m sure you will have seen these boards all over the home decor and interior design insta’s.

The grid board is a great way to rotate through your favourite foil quote prints, but also include some of your favourite family/friend snaps. Using little pegs or bulldog clips allow you to constantly update and rearrange your favourite prints and photos.

The grid board is also a great way to style prints for those renting, or those who don’t have a lot of wall space. I lean my grid board on my desk, as it takes up hardly any space and doesn’t require me to put a nail into the wall!

If you want to know how to create your own grid board from scratch, then head to my blog post on how to DIY your very own grid board.


Great for people that can’t DIY to save themselves, and are constantly changing their mind.

Use a clipboard | Written by Brittany | Hand Lettered Foil prints

Using a clipboard is a great way to style prints as it’s quick, easy and allows you to change your mind as often as you’d like!

Clipboards are great because they require aboslutely no DIY. Nada. You can pick up a clipboard similar to the one pictured for less than $4 from Officeworks. Grab a few clipboards of different sizes to style on a shelf or bookcase, or grab just one, and use it on your desk to show off your favourite motivational quote that gets you through even the worst uni assignments!

The moral of the story is, there a thousands of ways that you can choose to display your prints. How you style them is completely up to you! I always love seeing how my beautiful customers style their new prints, so please tag @writtenbybrittany or #writtenbybrittany so I can check out your beautiful styling skills!

Written by Brittany