Four Apps to Create Beautiful Instagram Photos

Four Apps to Make Beautiful Instagram Photos | Social Media Tips | Beautiful Photography | How to Edit Instagram Photos | Written by Brittany Design Boutique

Instagram is one of my favourite apps, and with over 300 million users it’s safe to say that it is the social media app of choice for many. But not all Instagram accounts are created equal, some of the photos shared to app are beautiful pieces of art, and some… well some things just shouldn’t be shared. So how can you make sure that the photos you share onto the social media app are likeable, beautiful images that can be shared and shared again, wether its your personal account, an account that attracts customers for your small biz, or your blogs Instagram, you want the photos to be noticed. Today, I am going to share with you my favourite apps for editing photos that I upload to Instagram. Using these apps helps me to create beautiful, streamlined, high quality photos that (hopefully) others like and share around. Check them out below!


Snapseed is a free photo editing app that Google has released and I absolutely love it. It has some great features for a free app, including a brush feature which selectively applies different image effects to areas that you ‘brush’ on the image. It also has a instant fix tool – touch-up blemishes, or dark spots or anything else that you don’t want in your photo. It also has all the usual suspects in terms of image effects, including brightness, contrast, shadows, highlights, exposure, sharpness etc. It does include some filters, though they aren’t all that great, and I prefer to just edit my image using the effects rather than applying a filter. Another great feature of the snapseed app, is the ability to see each edit that you have applied to the image as a stack of layers, and then the ability to delete an individual edit layer.


The first photo is the raw image taken via my iPhone. The second image is after I have applied spot repair to remove some of the dark spots on the white background (look beneath the leaves of the roses). The third image is using the brush tool, to reduce the warmth around the edge of the paper, and also using the brush tool to increase the saturation of the pink roses.

All in all Snapseed is definitely my go-to image editing app, it has everything I could possibly want to do to an image and more and it is absolutely free which makes it all the more sweeter.


VSCOcam is a great photo editing app and is extremely useful for editing batches of photos. It has a great feature that allows you to edit a photo, and then copy those edits and apply them to another photo. This is useful when you have taken a bunch of photos in similar light and need to apply similar image edits to each photo. This saves you time and helps you to create a cohesive ‘look’ and style for all of your photos. Another great feature of VSCOcam is the filters. Each filter is carefully created just for you, my favourite go-to filter is the F2. Try it out and let me know which filter is your go-to! Lastly, VSCOcam has a built in camera and it has a few useful features, like the ability to set the exposure and focus of the image, and also use a grid, or square or level to get your images just right.


Overall VSCOcam is an extremely useful batch photo editor and I love its simplicity and ability to quickly produce decent looking photos that you can upload to instagram straight away!


Layout is a new app released by instagram that you can use to create beautiful collages. It’s pretty self explanatory, but it’s a beautiful, simple app that allows you to have quite a bit of freedom in creating some pretty neat collages.


Studio Design

Studio Design is an app that I use to create fun looking images with drawings, writings and other overlays. You can use the inbuilt drawings in the app to overlay over images, there are textures, brushes, cute little typographic designs, crops, shapes, text and millions of other little edits to play around with. The best part is that you can browse the feed and see what other people are creating to give you ideas and inspiration. I love this app because you can create something very unique and interesting in a couple of easy steps. The only bad thing about this app is that you can waste so much time deciding on which things you want to put into the image because there are too many good things to choose from!

IMG_2680 IMG_2679 IMG_2678

Have you tried any of these apps before? Are there any apps out there that you think I should try? Let me know in the comments or drop me an email I’m always keen to know more and try more!